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30 Creative Engagement Rings with Beautiful Details

by Nick Ahlberg
30 Creative Engagement Rings with Beautiful Details

Looking for inspiration to find the perfect creative engagement ring style? We've got you covered with this roundup of some of the most uniquely-designed rings anywhere on the web.

Some of the rings shown here are part of our well-known Honey line, while others are part of our Ready-to-Wear line. However, our specialty is creating custom, one-off designs for all budgets and styles, so absolutely send us an inquiry or schedule a virtual consultation if something catches your eye and you don't see it currently on our site.

Whether your preferred aesthetic is classic or modern, trendy or timeless, you're sure to find something here up your alley.

Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Sunburst Halo

#1 Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Sunburst Halo

Salt and Pepper diamonds are a clear winner if you’re looking for a creative way to express your individuality.

This distinctive oval rose cut center stone has lots of personality on it’s own and when you add a sunburst halo with exquisite white pave diamonds, you’ve got the recipe for a stunning engagement ring.

We call this stunner Diana, part of our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection.

Hexagon Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Cadi Accents

#2 Hexagon Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Cadi Accents

This particular ring has so many different factors included, including the rare hexagon shape of the salt & pepper diamond and the cadi accent diamonds on either side of the center stone.

We love how interesting this engagement ring looks and how unique the salt & pepper color is.

A very creative bride will appreciate the varying levels of sparkle, from the rise cut center stone to the glistening white pave diamonds.

Pink Pear Diamond with Pave Accents

#3 Gray Rose Cut Cushion with Gray Pave

If you’re a fan of pink diamonds, this is surely one to consider. This creative design surrounds a small pink pear diamond with complimentary white pave diamonds in a yellow gold band.

The pave diamonds are asymmetrical, so it makes an even more breathtaking setting. We call this one Celia, another ring in our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection.

Creative brides can take Celia as is, or choose from a number of different stones and cuts for a truly unique finish.

Round Bezel with Octagon Halo

#4 Round Bezel with Octagon Halo

This yellow gold ring is a stunning example of our most creative custom styles and our signature design process. If your bride wants to showcase her individuality, this design is a great starting point.

Round cut diamonds are some of the most standard cuts you’ll find in engagement rings. This round was taken up several notches with the addition of the octagonal halo featuring clear baguettes.

Securing the diamond with a bezel makes this selection all the more unique, as opposed to the more common prong style.

Kite with Pave Band

#5 Kite with Pave Band

Kite diamonds are very rarely used and always make an impressive engagement ring, especially at this size.

The Salt & Pepper stone adds a little more flare to this cut and the pave diamonds on the band help the sparkle factor.

Using white gold for this style will create a more uniform look, while yellow or rose gold can help the kite stand out even more.

We regularly feature in-stock salt and pepper rings like this one in our Ready-to-Wear line.

Gray Rose Cut Cushion with Gray Pave

#6 Gray Rose Cut Cushion with Gray Pave

This engagement ring has so many creative aspects, it’s sure to look different from others you’ll come across during your search.

The gray diamond alone is unique in itself and the flanking gray pave diamonds on the band establish a consistent look.

The rose cut of the stone compliments the gray coloring, while a yellow gold band contrasts the stone, securing it in an edgy claw-style prong.

If you love the huge variety of looks that salt and pepper diamonds can create, take a look at our list of 30 Alternative Engagement Rings with Nontraditional design.

Spinel and Cadi Diamond

#7 Spinel and Cadi Diamond

Sometimes the color alone can help your engagement ring to be more creative, even if the setting seems more traditional.

This beautiful platinum band really offsets this gorgeous spinel stone, which reflects a new color with each turn of the ring.The stone has a step cut which allows the color changing ability to appear even more bold.

Bezel set cadi diamonds and double claw prongs add a little more creativity to this otherwise simple setting.

Hexagon Salt and Pepper Honeycomb

#8 Hexagon Salt and Pepper Honeycomb

Brushed metal is something that’s not often seen in engagement rings, but can fit a bride who’s looking for a statement ring without breaking the bank.

The brushed metal that encases the salt and pepper diamond can also be etched with a simple or intricate design.

On the back you’ll find our signature honeycomb design, which can be added to a lot of our custom pieces or found on our men’s signet rings and our men's wedding bands.

Bezel Set Round with Accent Diamonds

#9 Bezel Set Round with Accent Diamonds

Our Alyssa style is slightly more reserved, but has the perfect amount of creativity for those who are looking to spice up the usual solitaire engagement ring.

Alyssa is one of our signature styles that places a round, cushion or oval diamond in a bezel setting with diamond accents in the band.

Your choice of yellow, rose or white gold or platinum can be used to compliment a stone of 1ct or larger.

Asscher with Sapphire Baguettes

#10 Asscher with Sapphire Baguettes

Asscher cut diamonds are another rarely seen stone that can make an impressive ring.

The flanking deep blue sapphire baguettes really bring the platinum setting to life, but other colored stones could easily be replaced to suit the bride’s taste.

Six prongs are used to secure this asscher, but with our customization capabilities the possibilities for this style of setting are endless.

Horizontal Oval Cathedral

#11 East/West Oval Cathedral

Most oval stones are placed vertically in the engagement ring, but we think turning the oval horizontally is a really creative way to be different from the norm.

This beautiful oval diamond is set in a custom band, which is similar to our Blake cathedral setting in rose gold.

The pave diamonds are hand selected to match the same brilliance of the stone. However, different colored stones could help give the band a unique look.

P.S. - If you're looking for more inspo, don't miss our list of 21 Unique Engagement Rings That Stand Out from the Crowd.

Gray Pear with Marquis Accents

#12 Gray Pear with Marquis Accents

This pear and halo style is fit for a princess.

The silky gray color of the pear-shaped stone adds a touch of uniqueness to the more traditional pave covered halo and band, while the three marquis diamonds on the crest resemble a crown for your princess.

Yellow gold really increases the wow factor on this special piece.

Brilliant Radiant Cut with Cluster Diamonds

#13 Brilliant Radiant Cut with Cluster Diamonds

Our brilliant Eva engagement style can be customized in a variety of ways, including different stone shapes and metals.

This particular beauty features a radiant cut diamond set in yellow gold which has beautiful prongs to secure the diamond.

Eva always comes with a cluster of diamonds on either side of the stone, adding a touch of creativity for your soon-to-be fiance.

Champagne Pear with Double Bands

#14 Champagne Pear with Double Bands

This engagement ring is a simple and creative solution as your search for the perfect piece.

The offset stone in this double band adds a nice spin to the typical solitaire and the light champagne pear will be different from the usual white diamond.

If your bride is a fan of minimalist style but wants something unique, this style could be the perfect fit.

We've got more minimalist favorites in our roundup of 24 Simple Engagement Rings.

Gray Cushion with Zero Gap Halo

#15 Gray Cushion with Zero Gap Halo

Our Caroline setting is the inspiration for this custom gray rose cut cushion stone and zero gap halo in rose gold.

There are so many options you could choose from to replicate this style or turn it up a notch to meet your creative needs.

The matte color of the gray stone is a more modern take surrounded by hand selected sparkling pave diamonds.

Heart Diamond Halo with Pave Band

#16 Heart Diamond Halo with Pave Band

It’s not often that you see a heart diamond, but these charming shapes can be the perfect match for a whimsically romantic bride.

The heart cut stones can come in a variety of sizes but appear just a tad larger when surrounded by a pave halo and sparkling white gold pave band.

Showcase your romanticism or symbolically give your whole heart to your future spouse with this cute cut.

Round Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Band

#17 Round Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Band

For those who have an old soul or for those just looking for something intricately different, this very art deco band is sure to end your journey for the perfect engagement ring.

The salt and pepper round cut diamond adds a bit of individualism to an already stunning setting.

The misaligned baguette stone pattern on the band is truly unique and is a great conversation-starter.

Round Solitaire Cathedral Engagement Ring

#18 Tsavorite Garnet with Marquise Diamonds

This truly special piece reminds us of days gone by where every engagement ring was its own unique creation - something we’re definitely bringing back with our customized engagement ring service.

A tsavorite garnet is a vastly different color than most people are used to seeing and is highlighted tremendously by many sparkling marquise diamonds around the center stone.

Those looking to create an eye-catching accessory should find plenty of inspiration with the tsavorite garnet.

Champagne Pear in Etched Gold

#19 Champagne Pear in Etched Gold

This delicately wrapped champagne pear stone is gorgeously displayed in a yellow gold setting with beautifully etched leafy details on the halo.

This type of design is something we love to do, especially for couples who are looking for something that really represents their unique relationship.

And, of course, a champagne diamond is always complemented nicely in yellow gold.

Rose Cut Hexagon with Bezel Halo

#20 Rose Cut Hexagon with Bezel Halo

There is so much to take in on this brilliantly designed ring.

The hexagon stone is not something you see everyday, especially when encased in a bezel halo with perfectly selected pave stones and accompanied by more pave diamonds on a platinum band.

This piece was definitely made to sparkle and shine with such a variety of stones.

Geo Cut Champagne Oval with Double Halo

#21 Geo Cut Champagne Oval with Double Halo

A double halo is meant to add even more shine to your selection of stone, but this combo is special.

It features a champagne geo cut stone in the center of a double pave halo with champagne baguettes on the top and bottom.

The rose gold adds that extra bit of color to an already subtly pink setting.

Framing a stone in such a non-typical way not only enhances the size, but the creativity of your engagement ring.

This one is also featured in our list of 21 Unconventional Engagement Rings.

Geometric Bezel with Tapered Baguettes

#22 Geometric Bezel with Tapered Baguettes

Setting your stone in a bezel automatically adds a bit of creativity to a solitaire setting.

This piece is upgraded even more by the tapered baguettes, also bezel set, flanking a geometric hexagon.

If your bride likes simple yet different, this engagement ring style will help you meet that goal.

Salt & Pepper Kite Bezel

#23 Salt & Pepper Kite Bezel

Yellow gold has been popular for a while, but a bezel setting on a salt & pepper diamond beautifully shaped like a kite is one of the most creative engagement ring designs we’ve ever developed.

A bezel helps to keep the design simple, while the salt & pepper kite cut diamond really highlights the couple’s originality.

If you love the look of salt and pepper diamonds, we have tons of them available to build your dream ring around.

Marquis Diamond with Pave Band

#24 Marquis Diamond with Pave Band

Marquis diamonds are one of the most beautiful shapes for creating uniquely styled engagement rings.

You don’t see them very often, but they are gorgeous in a variety of settings and truly shine in a platinum pave band.

A little extra detail is added with the bezel top and bottom on the stone.

A unique diamond like this one can be easily found with our diamond-finder tool.

Parti Sapphire with Round Sapphires

#25 Parti Sapphire with Round Sapphires

A good dose of color is necessary for some people who want to create a piece that’s far different from the rest.

Parti sapphires are a great choice for an engagement ring since the blue often reflects multiple colors.

Up the ante with a few more parti sapphire rounds on the side and place a bit of sparkle and shine with mini pave diamonds and a rose gold band.

We also always feature a carefully curated selection of sapphires.

Princess Cut Rotated

#26 Princess Cut Rotated

The princess cut has been one of the most popular and well-known diamond cuts for engagement rings over the last several decades.

Rotate it and it becomes an entirely different ring, which presents great creative options when designing a new piece.

The tapered pave halo is a great addition along with the pave band set in rose gold.

Radiant Bezel with Salt & Pepper Baguettes

#27 Radiant Bezel with Salt & Pepper Baguettes

Radiant cut diamonds are a beautiful alternative to Emerald and Cushion cuts and offer a bit more sparkle than you’d see on either of these.

Place your radiant in a yellow gold bezel with salt & pepper baguettes like this one and you're on your way to creating a stunning gift for your bride.

Salt & Pepper Trapezoid Pair

#28 Salt & Pepper Trapezoid Pair

Like two sails on a ship or two hearts becoming one, this creative design is a great representation of married love.

If you turn the ring over, it even resembles a heart.

We think salt & pepper diamonds are unique on their own, but cutting them in two trapezoids really makes them special.

Oval Rose Cut Diamond with Art Deco Halo

#29 Oval Rose Cut Diamond with Art Deco Halo

This beautiful piece is a thoughtfully curated ring that could match very romantic styles or modern art deco designs.

The rose cut Oval stone is unique in the way it sparkles but becomes a whole new ring when surrounded by an art deco halo of pave and trapezoid stones and set on a rose gold band with additional paves.

Kite with Multi-Set Pave Stones

#30 Kite with Multi-Set Pave Stones

This extremely unique piece was a joint effort creation by the client and ring designer, inspired by the night sky.

For those interested in zodiac signs or the beauty of the stars, a ring like this is very special and simple to replicate in your own specific way.

The kite stone is yet another part of this design that creates an original silhouette.

Bezel Set Sapphire

#31 Bezel Set Sapphire

Using different precious gems as the centerpiece for your engagement ring is one of the best choices when creating a unique piece.

There are so many different colored stones to choose from, but this brilliant sapphire makes a great statement.

The platinum bezel setting adds some necessary shine and makes a nice accent to the beautiful blue color.

Three Stones with Floral Leaf Band

#32 Three Stones with Floral Leaf Band

Our Stacia setting is popular and readily available for customization.

A step cut cushion stone is the centerpiece of this particular design, but other cuts can be substituted for the center.

Cadi-cut diamonds accompany the center stone along with intricate floral leaf-designed pave diamonds for added detail.

Round Salt & Pepper with Marquise Leaf Stones

#33 Round Salt & Pepper with Marquise Leaf Stones

If our Stacia style is too traditional for you, this custom style band takes creativity one step further.

A large round salt & pepper diamond makes a beautiful statement as the centerpiece for champagne marquise leaf diamonds on either side.

The yellow gold band increases the color factor and neatly highlights each of the stones.

We feature similar styles in our list of 21 Elegant Engagement Rings.

Pear Diamond with Pear Accents

#34 Pear Diamond with Pear Accents

This beauty puts a creative twist on a real classic. White pear-shaped diamonds are often seen as a solitaire with the traditional yellow gold setting, but the smaller white pear accents really up the ante here.

For brides who are looking to put a lovely spin on a reserved setting, consider placing accent diamonds of interesting shapes alongside a conventional center stone.

You could create a whole new look by using rose gold or by simply changing the color of any of these gems.

Parti Sapphire with Marquis Accents

#35 Parti Sapphire with Marquise Accents

When “parti” is in the name, you know the engagement ring will make a statement.

Parti sapphires are a great option for adding a little creativity to your piece since they come in a wide spectrum of colors.

This one comes in an emerald cut and features two marquise and four small pear accent diamonds on the side.

The yellow gold setting adds even more fun to a ring fit for a fancy evening soiree.

White Oval with Double Halo in Rose Gold

#36 White Oval with Double Halo in Rose Gold

This bold engagement ring was designed as part of our Ready to Wear collection.

The eye-catching white oval stone at the center is gorgeously clear, while the double halo creates additional glitter. Rose gold always makes an engagement ring more unique, but the extra white gold halo is what brings the sparkle factor up a notch.

Upon closer examination, the band is not so simple but has several levels that make it very chic.

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