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30 Alternative Engagement Rings with Nontraditional Style

by Nick Ahlberg
30 Alternative Engagement Rings with Nontraditional Style

Looking for that perfect alternative engagement ring style? We've got you covered with this collection of some of our favorite nontraditional ring styles in all shapes, sizes. and colors.

Due to their unique designs, many of these rings are ones that were crafted specifically to fit individual preferences. No matter the budget, we like to specialize in creating pieces that let individual personality shine. However, some of these rings are part of our Classic Honey Collectionour Ready-to-Wear line, or our carefully curated Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring Collection.

Whether you like salt and pepper diamonds or classic white diamonds, sapphires or spinels, solitaire or multi-stone, we guarantee that you'll find plenty of inspiration here.

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Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper with Pave and Baguette Accents.jpg__PID:8c9d44ed-ba7b-4015-8fef-d75edab71720

#1 Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper with Pave and Baguette Accents

A rose cut diamond is an alternative way to make your center stone stand out. It is a great option for this light gray pear stone, which is made more sophisticated with tapered baguettes and varied pave accents on the bottom of the gallery.

A custom setting like this is the perfect excuse for creating a custom wedding band, too.

A yellow gold contoured band with pave diamonds complete the pairing.

Radiant Cut Bezel Setting in Rose Gold.jpg__PID:44edba7b-6015-4fef-975e-dab7172079a1

#2 Radiant Cut Bezel Setting in Rose Gold

This ring is a great example of our classic Winnie style.

When aiming to make a glistening white diamond look unique, nothing beats a bezel setting. The rose gold is also a gorgeous way to showcase this radiant cut diamond.

Brides who love a little specialized style while keeping the look simple should try out a distinctive bezel setting like this.

Hexagon Salt & Pepper with Pave Accents.jpg__PID:6015cfef-d75e-4ab7-9720-79a124cc713c

#3 Hexagon Salt & Pepper with Pave Accents

This cleverly designed statement ring has many different features that help to make it unique.

The hexagon stone is one factor that gives an edge to the overall look, but the salt & pepper coloring of the stone really kicks it up notch.

The yellow gold setting holds the center stone with talon-like prongs and the pave side stones add even more shine to this piece.

Pear Cut Engagement Ring with Pear Accents

#4 Pear Cut with Pear Accents

White diamonds have the best sparkle and make the ultimate engagement ring style. But if you’re looking for an alternative to the usual solitaire piece, three pear shaped diamonds will do the trick.

This stunning set is made complete with a beautiful yellow gold band and classic prongs that let each stone shine.

We feature similar rings in our big list of Creative Engagement Rings, which should also be right up your alley.

Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring with White Diamond Accents

#5 Parti Sapphires with White Diamond Accents

Forgoing a white diamond for a piece's cornerstone is arguably the best way to go when creating a nontraditional engagement ring.

This ring uses parti sapphires and white diamond accents to create a unique stunner with classic sensibilities. This uncommon type of sapphire contains all sorts of interesting shades of blue, green, and even yellow.

The asymmetrical clustering of accent diamonds are the cherry on top in achieving a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes and Pave Accents

#6 Black Diamond with Baguettes and Pave Accents

Black diamonds are not commonly selected for engagement rings, which makes this a great alternative choice.

Using white diamonds to accent the piece is a way to make the center stone more brilliant while adding sparkle to the ring.

The yellow gold band can help ground the style with a bit of classic flair.

White Oval Engagement Ring with Unique Halo

#7 White Oval with Unique Halo

White diamonds will always be popular, but a great way to jazz up a classic ring style is to add a halo. But not all halos are the same, as you can see with this gorgeous custom piece.

There are two different pave sizes in this halo, which are stylishly secured in a rose gold setting.

This look is perfect for fans of art deco or older style engagement rings.

Round Fancy Gray Solitaire Engagement Ring

#8 Round Fancy Gray Solitaire

Choosing a solitaire engagement ring means you not only have a very traditional style, but you can also select from a wide range of different wedding bands to pair with it.

If the future bride loves the idea of a classic style but desires to mix it up a bit, a salt & pepper diamond is a great way to update the look.

Plus, it looks great with our thinnest French Cut Eternity Band.

Toi et Moi Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#9 Toi et Moi with Pave Band

A Toi et Moi setting is the perfect ring to symbolize two people, two families and two households coming together.

Whether you use an heirloom diamond paired with a new diamond, select antique stones or choose brand new ones, this setting makes a great statement of love between you and your lifelong partner.

The all over white diamonds really make our Leonor style a standout piece.

Geometric Bezel Engagement Rings with Tapered Baguettes

#10 Geometric Bezel with Tapered Baguettes

This is another classic idea with a modern twist. Most settings that include a bezel around a white diamond are out of the ordinary and make an interesting choice for an engagement ring.

If the bride is looking for something that represents her style and has a good story behind it, creating a look similar to this is a great idea.

Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond Engagement Ring with Marquise Accents

#11 Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond with Marquise Accents

A nearly black salt and pepper kite diamond offers both a sultry and edgy look. It’s far from standard and has several rare elements that makes this a stunning alternative engagement choice.

The kite cut is not something you see every day, while the white marquise diamonds bring a subtle charm to the setting.

Add a rose gold band and you have a truly unique engagement ring.

Cushion Cut Canary Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#12 Cushion Cut Canary with Pave Band

Our Samantha setting features a French style band with glittering pave diamonds all over the ring.

Claw prongs secure the center stone and perfectly accent the glowing yellow canary.

Yellow gold is a popular choice for canary diamonds, but you can create your own look by choosing a white or rose gold for the band.

Round Solitaire Twisted Band Engagement Ring

#13 Round Solitaire with Twisted Band

When looking for a twist but not wanting to venture too far from classic, consider a twisted band with sparkling pave diamonds.

The solitaire center stone screams tradition, while the twisted band reflects the bond of two lives together in a unique setting.

You can even take the look up a notch by choosing a different color stone for the center.

Two White Trapezoid Diamond in Yellow Gold

#14 Double White Trapezoid Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

A special piece like this is the perfect way to signify two lives coming together. It reflects the story you and your partner share for a lifetime and makes a unique heirloom piece that family can cherish for generations.

This setting can be created with two white stones of the same cut, or by using two different stones of various colors or cuts to represent your individual style.

Hexagon Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Cadi Accents

#15 Hexagon Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Cadi Accents

Those interested in more sparkle will appreciate the gorgeous style of this setting. The stone is a lovely salt and pepper that is lighter than most and stands out with a hexagon rose cut.

Cadi diamonds accent the center stone and a sparkly pave band completes the look.

We highly recommend this style to anyone looking for an interesting twist on traditional jewelry.

Gray Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#16 Gray Rose Cut Diamond with Pave Band

This is another lovely example of our Samantha band featuring a silky gray rose cut diamond at the center.

The round stone has an irresistible soft look that can easily compliment a romanticly fashioned bride.

Claw prongs give this diamond a little more of an edge, while the yellow gold brings a classic look to the piece.

Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Halo

#17 Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Halo

British Royal devotees aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this marvelous salt and pepper creation.

Our Diana setting makes a beautiful choice for alternative engagement ring styles. It’s got an air of class while featuring a unique salt and pepper rose cut diamond.

White pave diamonds enhance the look of this special bridal style.

White Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

#18 White Pave Diamonds in Yellow Gold

This is an unusual yet classic look that has gotten a modern makeover.

Pave pieces such as this one have the ability to look like one large diamond from far away. Each diamond must be hand-selected to achieve the perfect look, which sparkles and shines in a style all it’s own.

Round Salt & Pepper Pave Band Engagement Ring

#19 Round Salt & Pepper with Pave Band

Our Samantha setting is so versatile, it looks great with just about any center stone you select.

This gorgeous salt and pepper diamond is imperfectly perfect for the bride who wants anything but traditional.

The rose gold band compliments the gray coloring of the diamond, while the white pave stones add some sparkle to the whole look.

Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Pave Band

#20 Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Double Pave Band

A pear stone is always a unique choice when it comes to engagement rings. But taking it up a notch by giving it a rose cut and making it a salt and pepper diamond is a step above the rest.

This ring design opts for a double pave band as a way to make it stand out even more.

Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Floral Marquise Accents

#21 Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Floral Marquise Accents

This setting is a romantic fashion statement that pairs perfectly with a whimsical bride.

A rose cut salt & pepper diamond is extremely unique, especially with marquis accents that form leaves on each side of the stone.

Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ringwith Baguette Accents

#22 Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Accents

This gorgeous engagement ring is nothing short of unique.

The rose cut is a rare, yet beautiful shape which helps the stone capture more light. Claw prongs hold the salt and pepper diamond in place and baguettes beautifully accent the setting.

If you were looking to make a bold statement with your proposal, this is one daring way to do it.

Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Accents

#23 Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Pave Accents

If you want a pear with even more pizazz, look no further than a custom rose cut salt and pepper diamond, lined with dazzling pave stones at the point.

This ready to wear style includes a matching wedding band that completes the look of a halo, accenting the round part of the pear with additional white pear shaped diamonds.

Round Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguette Band

#24 Round Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Band

A round salt & pepper diamond is made intricately different when paired with an art deco band.

The alternating baguettes on the band offer a truly unique setting to this interesting stone.

A look like this one is packed with sparkle and the rose gold band completes the modern look.

Radiant Bezel Set Engagement Ring with Salt & Pepper Baguettes

#25 Radiant Bezel with Salt & Pepper Baguettes

The radiant is another cut you don’t see too often and makes a beautiful alternative to more standard emerald and cushion cuts. It offers a bit more sparkle inside a less traditional bezel setting.

Salt & pepper baguettes perfectly accent the white center stone, giving the setting an earthier style.

Oval Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#26 Oval Salt & Pepper with Pave Band

This dark and moody salt and pepper diamond is expertly fashioned in our Sarah setting, which features sparkling white pave diamonds around the entire band. It pairs beautifully with a pave eternity wedding band.

The white diamonds offset the dark stone at the center, offering a contrasting look to the usual solitaire.

Salt & Pepper Pear Engagement Ring with Baguette Band

#27 Salt & Pepper Pear with Baguette Band

A salt and pepper diamond, no matter the style, always makes a unique alternative to a traditional engagement ring.

This gorgeous pear shaped diamond has a bezel band filled with baguettes which makes a stunning piece for the modern bride.

East-West Oval Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#28 East-West Oval with Pave Band

An east-west center stone is an instant way to make your classic ring look unique.

This brilliant oval makes a big statement and is perfectly accented with small pave diamonds of the same color.

Our Sarah setting is also made in rose gold so you can wear it with anything.

Salt & Pepper Shield Engagement Ring with Halo

#29 Salt & Pepper Shield with Halo

It’s very rare to find a shield shaped diamond, especially in an engagement setting. That’s what makes this alternative style perfect for the bride who wants a special and unique ring.

The halo and pave band is a variation of our Lydia style and makes the salt and pepper diamond even more stunning on the wearer.

Triple Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

#30 Triple Emerald Diamonds

This is a gorgeous setting where each individual emerald cut diamond sparkles just as beautifully as the next.

You can achieve this look by selecting the exact same clarity and color in each stone, or you can vary the look by choosing a different colored stone at the center.

Salt & Pepper Oval Engagement Ring with Brushed Rose Gold Band

#31 Round Bezel with Octagon Baguette Halo

A round stone may scream "traditional", but hardly so when it's paired with such a unique halo.

We wrapped this center stone in a bezel and surrounded it by expertly-placed baguette diamonds in a bezel of their own.

This ring is one of our favorite examples of how you can use classic stones to achieve a totally nontraditional look.

Champagne Pear Diamond Engagement Ringin Rose Gold

#32 Champagne Pear in Rose Gold

The stone you choose for your engagement ring can have a lot of symbolism for your relationship, but it can also be as simple as creating something stylish and unique.

A champagne diamond can have a classic appearance but seems to be made for a rose gold finish.

The pave accents do their part to add some bonus sparkle to a great piece like this.

Oval Salt & Pepper Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

#33 Oval Salt & Pepper Bezel Solitaire

Classic styles like the solitaire engagement ring are the perfect way to symbolize a love that lasts forever. An oval cut might be a staple engagement cut, but the salt and pepper diamond in our classic Winnie setting enhances the overall look of the ring.

The bezel setting is another subtle way to update your classic style, along with a modern metal like rose gold.

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Sapphire Cushion with Baguette Band

#34 Sapphire Cushion Solitaire with Baguette Band

Alternative stones make a statement in any engagement ring, but this gorgeously blue sapphire outshines them all.

The medium blue tone is quite clear which makes it shine brightly on any blushing bride’s finger.

A white gold setting gives the ring a classic look and the white baguette band take this from a beautiful accessory to a statement piece.

Parti Sapphire with Marquis and Pear Accents

#35 Parti Sapphire with Marquise and Pear Accents

If the bride is often the life of the party, nothing is more fitting than a party sapphire. These enthralling gems are a great way to show off and come in a variety of different bluish green tones.

The emerald cut is a great option for a sapphire that airs on the green side and the white marquise and small pear accent stones bring another level of individuality to this engagement ring.

Rose Cut Gray Diamond in Rose Gold.jpg__PID:8d2144ef-eb98-4dfb-891d-ae70314fb247

#36 Rose Cut Gray Diamond in Rose Gold

If you consider yourself a minimalist, but want a style that you won’t often come across, a rose cut gray diamond set in a charming rose gold is just for you.

This lighter shade of gray stone pairs perfectly with the rose gold. The engagement ring also has a bit of spice with the sharp double prongs and the knife-edge band.

The combination blends girly and edgy quite well.

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