Ring Buying Guide

For many people out there, the question of How do I pick an engagement ring?” causes a flood of fear and confusion that carries through the whole process, and rightly so! It’s often times one of the largest purchases we’ll ever make. And because of all the details to consider, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the options.

But that’s just not right! Choosing an engagement ring should feel fun and special, not like an anxiety-ridden task you need to say “good riddance” to.

Now introducing, a solution to “Where do I find an engagement ring?”:

Honey Jewelry Co’s Guide on How to Buy an Engagement Ring!

This is meant to be a quick tool that helps relieve pressure and make the process easy — and even really fun! Our goal is to share with you tips and tricks on how to pick an engagement ring that meets all your desires, stay on budget, and ultimately build a ring that your soon-to-be wife will love for years to come.

A few tips on how to choose an engagement ring are as follows:

Use Social Media To Learn What She Likes

If you’re stuck trying to figure out the first step for where to look for engagement rings she’ll love, we’d suggest checking on all her social media accounts to see what she’s looking at and liking. BONUS: If she has a Pinterest account, oftentimes girls will have a board dedicated to all things future wedding and dream rings.

If you know your girlfriend is a follower of Honey Jewelry Co’s Instagram (shameless plug: @honeyjewelryco), have a look at our posts and look in the “liked” field on each post. Chances are that Instagram know’s you guys are together and it wants to show you pictures she’s liked, and hopefully there are a few on there that’ll give you an idea of stone shapes or ring styles that she likes. (If she doesn’t follow us, maybe bring us up in a conversation! But don’t make it obvious what you’re trying to do. Keep it cool, man.)

Ask Other People Who Know Her

Talk to her best friends or close family if possible! Letting them know you need a little help picking an engagement ring might sound like a no-go to some, but we’d encourage you to bring one or two others into the process whose opinion you value and who you feel like you can trust. Ultimately it’s your call, but sometimes these extra eyes and close friendships can be invaluable.

Look At What She’s Already Wearing

Pay attention to the metal colors that she wears most often and try to listen for the metals she thinks look best with her skin tone. Seriously, go look at the rings she’s wearing today. Some girls have thought about this a lot and have most likely decided what they like the most — and are usually already wearing it.

The Shape Of The Stone Is Half The Battle

When trying to figure out how to pick out an engagement ring, one of the first things that you’ll have to decide on is what shape of stone you want to purchase for your special someone. Of all the shapes that are out there, the most common shape is Round — and then you have all the out-of-the-box (kind of a proposal pun) shapes such as Oval, Cushion, Princess, Marquise and many others.

Pro tip: Some shapes, even if cut well, can hide a bit of their size strictly because of the shape. For example, Cushion and Princess cuts tend to look smaller than most other stones of equal sized shapes. Stones with Round and especially Oval cuts can look extra large with the right cut and proportions. No matter the shape, we at Honey always strive for the highest cut quality possible for our clients.

Diamonds Have Different Price Points

Once you have zeroed in on the perfect stone shape, next you have to think about what kind of diamond quality is most important to you. Quick disclaimer: You’re shopping with Honey, so you know it’s gonna be great, but there are still quality ranges to think about. To give you some comfort, our bare minimum standard for consideration is that the ring has no inclusions (little particles inside the diamond) visible to the naked eye.

Pro tip: Stones that are both super high in color and clarity are going to be stunning, but are also going to come at a much steeper cost. We like to help our clients get the absolute best ring for their budget. The thing is, almost all diamonds have clarity characteristics that can be thought of like a fingerprint, and as long as the inclusions aren’t waving back at you and are invisible to the naked eye, that’s our bare minimum standard for consideration. Anything up from this point is a win and further solidifying our reputation for quality.

The most important detail (we feel!) in selecting the perfect stone, over both color and clarity, is making sure that we source our stones with the best possible cut quality. If the cut is perfect, you’ll have a stone that will always feel special and sparkle like crazy!

After The Diamond, You Still Need The Ring!

After having found the perfect diamond, you’re probably wondering how do you pick an engagement ring — the part that’s gonna hold the diamond — that she’ll love (not more than you though, of course)? Glad you asked, ‘cause you’re in luck! Honey offers a huge variety of beautiful styles, and we’re sure to have something that appeals to her. Fortunately, if you don’t see anything you want, the team at Honey can help you bring your ideas to life and build your dream ring! At the end of the day, our goal is to walk you through the process and help you make the right choice.

We hope our quick guide on how to look for engagement rings has been helpful on your search! Remember that the process should be fun, informative, and result in something you feel really confident in. If anyone makes you feel anything other than those things, head for the hills instantly! Also, remember that the team at Honey is always available if you have questions or need help. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait for the engagement photos!