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How It Works
Our goal at Honey Jewelry Co is to make the process of obtaining knowledge and pricing information as easy and comfortable as possible. Going into a hunt for a ring can be a tricky proposition for an untrained consumer, but that’s where we come in. We collect your information and get a snapshot of what it is that you desire and we look at the market place and determine how we can help you build the best quality ring that fits into your budget.

Why would I tell you my budget, you could just try and take advantage of me?
Here at Honey Jewelry Co we don’t like to play tricks or games. The reason we ask a client what their budget is, is because we can quickly look at what your desired ring style is, along with your desired stone size and very quickly know if you’re in range one way or the other. We always strive to set a realistic expectation with our clients. If we think that a budget is not going to work for a desired style or size of stone, we’ll be able to accurately let you know and work to find the best option. In some cases, a client might have actually budgeted more than they need for what they want.

You’re there, and I’m here, why should I trust you?
With every sale that Honey Jewelry Co concludes, we build one more satisfied client into our family. Many Honey clients do not live close to our physical location, but still receive the greatest of care no matter where they are. With interested clients, we desire to collect just enough info to know your wants and then set an appointment for a video chat where we will be able to go over the specifics of your project with you. We want to know you just as much and believe that with the resources available to all of us, a client should the ability to meet with us in the comfort of their own home or office. Time is money and we take our clients time very seriously and work hard to positively refine their experience.

How do I know you are selling real diamonds?
Here at Honey, we know that there are almost limitless options for where a client can shop for a diamond. However, we are also keenly aware that all diamonds are not the same and that most diamond reports aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. For this and many other reasons, here at Honey Jewelry Co we almost exclusively sell diamonds that are accompanied by a grading report from GIA. The Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on diamond grading and is, hands down, the most trusted. Most, but not all diamonds from GIA contain a laser inscribed serial number on the stone that can be checked by any jeweler to verify authenticity.

What do I get when I buy a ring?
Every purchase from Honey comes with an appraisal for estimated retail replacement cost for your piece. We also have a system that helps our clients procure insurance immediately to protect your new purchase. The cost for this is usually very low and worth the investment from the client to insure they are covered in the event of loss or theft.

I need to have my ring serviced, and I am nowhere near you. What do I do?
No sweat, we have you covered! If you ever need to have your ring serviced for any reason we have the capability to send easy instructions and a complimentary shipping label in order for you to send your piece in next day, overnight with no added cost to you for shipping either way. Each ring will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and if a manufacturing defect has lead to an issue we will be more than happy to quickly repair and restore a piece back to new at no charge to the client.


Rings that suffer damage due to being what we call “well loved” may have a fee added for the work done to repair or refurbish any given piece. Honey Jewelry Co is not responsible at any point in time for missing, chipped or abraded stones and does not cover the loss or severe damage that a piece could sustain. This includes all center stones in any ring or piece.

I have my own diamond, and just want your ring.
The typical answer for this request is usually 99.9% of the time going to be a no. We don’t do it to be difficult, but rather because we are so particular about our quality that we don’t want to risk putting a ring out into the world that has our name on it, and it not meet our quality standards. We are a classy bunch over here at Honey Jewelry Co and we would never tell someone they have an ugly baby, or an ugly diamond.

I’ve decided on a ring option with you.. what’s the next step?
Once a client has decided on a piece we will generate an electronic invoice and must collect full payment in order to start the build process. Full payment is necessary as we start buying all the supplies immediately for every job once we have an order. Once a job has been completed we will confirm the shipping address and send your finished piece out for overnight delivery. We use a Quickbook's based accounting program and they handle all our credit card transactions. Your personal banking information is always kept private, and never shared, not even with us.

I’ve changed my mind and don’t want this ring.
Unfortunately, because of the nature of our business and because we shop for each clients custom needs, we do not offer refunds.  In the event that a ring must be returned we offer full credit towards the future purchase of another piece. We are more than happy to offer exchanges, if after a bride receives her ring, she is not totally in love with it.

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