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27 Unique Engagement Rings that Stand Out from the Crowd

by Nick Ahlberg

Looking for a unique engagement ring that stands out from the crowd? We've put together this list of some of our favorite styles to help you get the inspiration flowing.

You'll find many of these rings in our classic Honey collection or our limited-availability ready-to-wear line, but some of these pieces were designed specifically for individual clients. If a specific style catches your eye, simply let us know and we'll work to bring your dream ring to life.

#1. Salt & Pepper Diamond with Double Claw Prongs

We knew we had something special when we designed this ring as a part of our special ready-to-wear line. It's definitely one of our favorite rings and it's attracted quite a bit of early attention online.

A perfect salt and pepper diamond is already great as it is, but it really pops when paired with double claw prongs and the additional French set diamonds.

#2. Flower Bud Shaped Rose Diamond

Meet "Bud", one of the most unique engagement rings we've ever created. This design and its name started with its beautiful rose diamond center stone. As soon as we saw it, we thought it looked a lot like a tiny faceted flower bud.

This ring is perfect for anyone who wants a floral-inspired engagement ring that totally stands out from the crowd.

This one-of-a-kind piece is a great example of what you can find in our Ready-to-Wear line.

#3. Marquise Solitaire

Do you love solitaire engagement rings but  don't love having a typical look? A Marquise diamond may be just the thing.

We designed this particular piece from the ground up when one of our clients wanted a ring with no compromises. The diamond had D-color, VVS1 clarity, and a perfect cut. It took some searching for us to find it, but we eventually we located it in Europe. It traveled from there (accompanied by armed guards) all the way back to our San Diego studio.

P.S. - We also have a similar roundup featuring 30 Creative Engagement Ring Styles with Beautiful Details.

Looking for a unique engagement ring that stands out from the crowd? We've put together this list of some of our favorite styles to help you get the inspiration flowing.

You'll find many of these rings in our classic Honey collection or our limited-availability ready-to-wear line, but some of these pieces were designed specifically for individual clients. If a specific style catches your eye, simply let us know and we'll work to bring your dream ring to life.

Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Sunburst Halo

#4. Oval Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Sunburst Halo

Meet Diana, our charming design fit for royalty. You’ll find it in our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection, which can be customized with different stone shapes and gold types.

This gorgeous engagement ring is perfect for the leading lady in your life since the stunning rose cut oval has a personality of it’s own.

The sunburst halo also increases the shine factor while the yellow gold adds a touch of class.

Oval Diamond with Graduated Pave Halo

#5. Oval Diamond with Graduated Pave Halo

A graduated halo can put a truly unique twist on a simple engagement ring like this.

This attractive setting features a white oval diamond surrounded in rose gold, but the graduated halo really makes it glow.

It’s almost as if the center stone is wearing a little crown, which is perfect for a princess of a bride.

Pear Diamond with Double Pave Band

#6. Pear Diamond with Double Pave Band

This particular style has been dubbed Celine and is another part of our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection.

It’s shown with a brilliant white pear diamond, but can be customized with your style or color of choice.

This setting features a stately yellow gold double band with carefully selected white pave diamonds.

#7. Asymmetrical Cluster Diamonds

This is Nora, one of our most elaborate rings from our classic collection. She features a center stone surrounded by stunning, asymmetrical clusters of additional diamonds.

This ring stands out not only for its bold look, but also for its variance from ring-to-ring. The process of skillfully clustering these stones leaves each ring slightly different from the next.

#8. Grey Spinel Solitaire

You'd be hard-pressed to find many looks more unique than a grey spinel engagement ring.

A spinel like this is mesmerizing when it has color this good, so a solitaire setting made perfect sense. The custom band and double prongs simply complete the statement.

#9. Bezel Set Pear Shaped

A bezel setting is always a good way to add a little something special while keeping things simple. The lines stay clean and the vibe stays solidly in the "minimalist-approved" category.

The pear shape diamond used in this example goes a long way in giving it an even more uncommon look.

If you love a clean aesthetic, take a look at the list of our 24 Favorite Simple Engagement Rings.

#10. Brown Diamond with Honeycomb Grill

In most cases, engagement ring design dictates what materials are to be used. In this case, the materials dictated the design.

We started this concept with a fancy brown diamond that had sizable window (a section of a diamond that you can see straight through) in it. This is usually something we avoid in stones, but it was a perfect way to creatively showcase our trademark honeycomb pattern grill. And, of course, the matte gold puts a nice bow on this statement piece.

This is another one of our specialty one-off rings currently available for purchase.

#11. Solitaire with Diamond Vines

We think this one pretty much speaks for itself. It's a vine engagement ring that covers "classic" and "unique" with a style that we're in love with.

The simple round cut solitaire makes a perfect focal point to build around with the more unique band design.

#12. Gray Diamond with Double Row Pave Band

Here's another one for the lovers of dark-colored stones.

The dark gray diamond pairs with the rose gold band to create a striking contrast. The double prongs and hand-applied pave doubl row are the cherries on top.

#13. Three-Stone Round Cut with Pear Side Stones

Standard three-stone rings just a little too normal for you? This ring might just be right up your alley with a round cut diamond flanked by two pear cuts.

This combination and layout of shapes strike an balance between being a classic and being distinctive enough to separate itself from the pack.

If a daintier style like this ring is more up your alley, we've also got a roundup of our favorite dainty engagement ring styles.

#14. East/West Marquise with Halo

Marquise diamond? Check.

Perfect halo? Check.

East/West orientation? Check.

This ring has a ton of tasty little details that make it pop.

#15. East/West Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Band

We're big fans of the salt and pepper look.

This ring has plenty of style and creative flair to go around with its beautifully-colored center stone and baguette-laden band.

This ring is available to purchase as a part of our current ready-to-wear line.

#16. Parti Sapphire & Diamonds

Add this one to the list of reasons why it can sometimes be an amazing decision to deviate from traditional diamond engagement rings.

The incredible colors of the parti sapphire pair extremely well with the rose gold. You've also got some white diamonds mixed in. Just for good measure.

#17. Bezel Set Champagne Diamond

It may be hard to believe, but light champagne diamond is a naturally occurring earth-mined stone. And it looks great in a bezel setting.

This is a perfect way to stick with a clean design while exploring colored diamonds.

This exact ring is currently available for purchase.

#18. Oval Solitaire Paired with a Diamond Spray Wedding Band

We're cheating a bit on this one. Technically, this engagement ring isn't "unique". It's one of our classic solitaire engagement ring styles.

The magic happens when you add our London wedding band. It includes an elaborate array of marquise, baguette, and round cut diamonds to change the entire look.

#19. Bezel Set Pink Tourmaline

A pink tourmaline engagement ring is a great choice for those seeking alternative stones. It's brings a lot of character, especially when placed in a bezel setting.

We really enjoy working with clients who are seeking a unique look like this. Once you break through the barrier of "normal" engagement rings, there are limitless possibilities with mixing shapes and colors.

#20. Pink Sapphire Solitaire

Sticking with the "pink" theme, here's another alternative showstopper.

This ring design keeps things nice and tidy with a standard solitaire setting and a pave diamond band. Add a pink sapphire to the mix and the whole look shifts to something that is guaranteed to turn heads.

#21. Bezel Set Rustic Grey Diamond

This design is simple, but it's totally unique with its rustic diamond and uncommon shape.

Another wonderful example of what you can achieve when you let creativity lead to your dream engagement ring.

#22. Bezel Set Fancy Grey Diamond

This very light grey diamond is actually another one-off piece that we made for our ready-to-wear collection, but it's foundation comes from our classic Winnie style.

This subtle color is just enough to change things up a bit while still keeping things subtle.

This ring is available for purchase now.

#23. Three Stone with Floral Leaf Accents

This is Stacia, one of our trademark Honey styles. She features a beautiful three-stone arrangement with floral accents on each side.

We love this ring for the way it combines the looks of vintage and modern in one piece. It's a style that can satisfy a broad range of clients with varying style preferences.

This ring may be unique, but it has a traditional appeal to it. We've got plenty more of that aesthetic in our big list of favorite traditional engagement ring styles.

#24. Padparadscha Sapphire with Cadi Cut Side Diamonds

This is definitely not a gemstone you'll encounter every day. Matter of fact, most people will have no idea what a padparadscha sapphire is.

These very rare sapphires have been gaining in popularity since Princess Eugenie of York, a member of the British Royal Family, received an engagement ring featuring one. Monarchy-approved or not, there's no denying the beauty of these coveted pink-and-orange-tinted stones.

Pink Pear Diamond with Pave Accents

#25. Pink Pear Diamond with Pave Accents

Pink diamonds are a cute way to embrace your individuality and this engagement ring is no exception. The pear center stone is brilliantly accompanied by white sparkling pave stones in various sizes.

The yellow gold band gives the ring a vintage feeling and brings out the pink color splendidly.

This beautiful setting is called Celia and is a charming part of our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection.

Radiant Cut with Pave Halo and Band

#26. Radiant Cut with Pave Halo and Band

Here is our Sophia style engagement ring, which can be found in our Classic Honey Engagement Rings collection.

This particular style showcases your diamond of choice - in this case, a beautiful white radiant stone set in white gold.

The setting has graduating French-set diamonds on the band and the Zero Gap Halo™ is custom formed to the exact size and shape of the selected center stone to ensure a perfect fit.

Emerald Cut Gray Diamond with Baguettes

#27. Emerald Cut Gray Diamond with Baguettes

Another stunner from our Ready to Wear Bridal Collection.

This emerald cut gray diamond is a gorgeous alternative to the usual white or salt and pepper diamonds. It’s flanked with sparkling white baguettes and is placed in a yellow gold cathedral setting.

All of these design features are considered unique on their own, but when combined together they make a standout ring.

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