21 Simple Engagement Rings with Perfect Minimalist Style

by Nick Ahlberg

Looking for a simple engagement ring that fits your own unique style? We've got you covered with this list of our favorite low-key rings that showcase thoughtful, minimalist design.

You'll find everything from classic to modern, round cut diamonds to radiant cut diamonds, rose gold to white gold, all created by skilled Honey Jewelry Co artisans in San Diego, California.

Simple Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

#1. Classic Round Cut Solitaire

Any great list of simple engagement rings has to start with the tried-and-true classic: A round diamond in a solitaire setting. Whether it's the day you receive your ring or it's your 50th anniversary, you'll always know you're wearing a piece that is always in style.

This look is all about getting even the tiniest of details just right, something a skilled designer can really help you with. Check out our Abby Engagement Ring and our Lolo Engagement Ring to see a couple of fresh takes on this classic.

Simple Radiant Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

#2. Bezel Set Radiant Cut

Meet Winnie, one of our most frequently asked-about rings. She's been a bit of a darling on Instagram and Pinterest, so it's very possible you've seen her if you've been looking all over the internet for the perfect ring.

This style is simple, but has a very unique look with a radiant cut diamond in a bezel setting. It's clean and modern, but still maintains a timeless vibe.

Simple Double Claw Oval Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

#3. Oval Solitaire with Double Claw Prongs

This look starts with a classic oval solitaire and adds a special touch in the form of double claw prongs. It's a perfect example how the smallest addition can make a huge difference in look and feel, all while keeping things simple.

Our client opted for yellow gold all the way with this ring. We love that color scheme paired with the double claw style.

Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

#4. Cushion Cut Solitaire

A classic cushion cut diamond is always a popular alternative to round cut diamonds in solitaire settings. It's always a staple, but bit less common than round cuts.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Bezel Set in Rose Gold

#5. Bezel Set Pear Shaped Diamond

This is another style that is simple, but really turns heads. The pear shape is already unique as it is, but it's extra special when set in a bezel.

This is a perfect option for the minimalist who still needs to stand out from the crowd.

Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold

#6. Emerald Cut Solitaire

A high-quality emerald cut diamond is a showstopper. There's no better way to showcase it than to let it speak for itself in a solitaire setting.

We think this picture is absolute proof that the best engagement rings designs are often the least complicated.

East West Marquise Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

#7. East/West Marquise Cut

Marquise diamonds are already among the rarer shapes for engagement rings. Rotate one into an east/west setting and you'll have a look that few others will.

Don't let anyone tell you that creativity and simplicity are mutually exclusive concepts in ring design.

Round Bezel Set Engagement Ring

#8. Bezel Set Round Cut

Super minimal and super clean. It's hard to beat this style if you're looking for something equal parts modern and simple. We love all sorts of diamond shapes in bezel settings, but there's arguably no better shape than round for an understated yet stylish pairing.

Oval Cut Simple Engagement Ring

#9. Oval Cut Solitaire

Elegant, stylish, and timeless, an oval solitaire is another gold standard engagement ring. There are few other shapes that can achieve a "wow factor" to rival that of a perfectly cut oval diamond.

Round Diamonds with Baguette Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

#10. Round Cut with Side Baguettes

Flanking a classic round cut diamond with two baguette diamonds is the perfect way to add something extra without sacrificing simplicity. It's a look we love, but it's one that can too often be forgotten when searching for the perfect ring.

This style also looks great with other center stone shapes.

Bezel Set Grey Diamond Engagement Ring

#11. Gray Oval Diamond in a Bezel Setting

Of all the rings we've listed so far, this is obviously the one that stands out the most. A perfect grey diamond can be difficult to find, but it is a beautiful way to deviate from a standard white diamond.

This particular ring is another that has received quite a bit of positive feedback. There's just something about this color diamond wrapped up in a bezel that makes it pop.

Round Solitaire Cathedral Engagement Ring

#12. Cathedral Set Round Cut Solitaire

The difference between a gorgeous cathedral setting and an average on is all about creating the perfect lines.

This example brings an extra dose of elegance to a beautiful round cut solitaire.

Simple Round Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold

#13. Round Cut with Single Halo

Adding a halo doesn't have to be complicated. This ring is a perfect example of how you can include one while still keeping things very clean. The plain band in white gold is the key to achieving that perfect balance in this example.

Our Caroline Engagement Ring pulls this look off in a cathedral setting, while our Emma Engagement Ring does the same with a unique basket setting.

Simple Bezel Set Oval Engagement Ring

#14. Bezel Set Oval Cut

A beautiful white diamond in a meticulously crafted bezel setting is simple, but just different enough. It tells you all you need to know that well-executed minimalism is quite far from boring.

Radiant Cut Pave Band Engagement Ring in White Gold

#15. Radiant Cut Solitaire with Pave Band

A radiant cut diamond is much less commonly found in solitaire settings than rounds or ovals.

This ring is a great example of how we can get creative with our Olive Engagement Ring style.

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring with Pave Band

#16. Round Cut Solitaire with Pave Band

Similar to the previous ring, this is an example of how to subtly include a pave band. The round cut diamond pairs well to create a classic look.

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring with a Bezel

#17. Bezel Set Pink Tourmaline

If you're looking to totally get away from diamonds, a pink tourmaline may very well be just the thing. This alternative engagement ring combines a unique gemstone with a bezel setting to create a look that is definitely all its own.

We love when a client comes to us with a challenge. An engagement ring is the perfect canvas to showcase your unique personality.

Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring with an Oval Solitaire

#18. Salt & Pepper Oval Solitaire

If you've never met a salt and pepper diamond, then please allow us to introduce you. This is certainly not a look for the masses, but it's just right for those who are searching for an engagement ring with a more rustic vibe.

Round Solitaire Pave Engagement Ring in White Gold

#19. Round Cut Solitaire with Thin Pave Band

Yet another great example of a classic round cut diamond atop a low-key pave band. Keeping the band as thin as possible helps to keep focus on your center stone.

Grey Diamond Engagement Ring with a Round Cut Solitaire

#20. Grey Round Cut Solitaire

There's arguably no other ring on this list thas strikes such a balance between "unique" and "classic". The solitaire setting and simple band show the uniqueness of the grey diamond in all its glory.

Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring with Round Cut Diamond

#21. Round Cut Solitaire

We're ending right where we began with another example of just how beautiful a simple round cut solitaire can be. This style is always the perfect starting point for a journey through simple engagement ring styles. You can learn a lot by starting with the basics, then branching out as you discover what extra touches you can't live without.