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27 Unconventional Engagement Rings with Beautiful Design

by Nick Ahlberg
21 Unconventional Engagement Rings

Looking for an unconventional engagement ring that shakes things up a bit? This list will definitely get the inspiration flowing!

Many of these rings come from our Classic Honey Collection lineup or from our Ready-to-Wear Collection. If a ring style catches your eye or you have totally new design idea, let us know how we can help!

Rose Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

#1. Rosebud Shaped Rose Diamond

Roses are known to convey messages without words, and this ring does exactly that. With the use of a single spectacular rose-cut diamond, this ring emulates an actual flower: a glistening diamond petal with leaves surrounding.

Rose-cut diamonds are known for their shallow shape, creating a large surface area to showcase the stone’s brilliance.

Bonus: because of its flatness, the rose cutting technique creates the illusion of a bigger diamond! This ring was a specialty from our Ready to Wear Collection.

Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

#2. Round Cut with Assymetric Diamond Clusters

This is Nora, one of our Classic Honey Collection staples. She is slightly asymmetric and completely your own.

This ring consists of a varying pattern of accent stones defining a larger round center diamond. To us, these twinkling rocks recall a constellation of stars.

Because the layout of the stones differs from ring to ring, each one is entirely one-of-a-kind. Allowing the beauty of nature to take its course, the individual stones of each ring determine the design, which we send for approval to each client by way of a CAD rendering.

We love the romance of creating something entirely unique to you and your love. 

Art Deco Engagement Ring with Geo Cut Oval Diamond

#3. Geo Cut Oval with Art Deco Style Bezel

This geo-cut oval diamond sits in an ornate bezel setting, circumscribed by a double halo of round accent diamonds.

This ring would look at home on Daisy Buchanan’s finger, thanks to six Art-Deco-influenced baguette diamonds framing both ends. Though the center stone is sizable in itself, the setting plays up its magnitude and brilliance.

We love settings that maximize a stone's beauty, while also offering a perspective of their own.

If you like traditional looks, take a look at the list of our 21 Favorite Traditional Engagement Rings.

Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper with Pave and Baguette Accents

#4. Pear Rose Cut Salt & Pepper with Pave and Baguette Accents

A hazy gray diamond is a great choice for a personalized look. You can find so many different color tones with gray diamonds from light and hazy to dark and smoky.

This engagement ring is styled with tapered baguettes and pave accents under a pear shaped center stone, which requires an equally unique wedding band.

Hexagon Bezel in Yellow Gold

#5. Hexagon Bezel in Yellow Gold

This engagement ring is both dainty and unconventional, knocking out two birds with one “stone”.

The setting is brushed yellow gold, making it look a little rustic, and features a unique stone shape with the champagne hexagon diamond.

This particular ring is similar to our Isla design, which can be found in our Salt & Pepper Classic Collection.

Toi et Moi in White Gold

#6. Toi et Moi in White Gold

Looking to represent your love while creating a distinctive style?

Our Leonor engagement ring setting is part of our Ready to Wear Collection and is designed with some of the most unconventional features we have to offer. A white pear and white emerald diamond are intertwined in white gold, symbolizing the love you share.

On the pear side, you’ll see pave diamonds on the band, while the emerald side has bezel baguettes on the band.

East-West Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring with Baguettes

#7. East-West Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Diamond Band

Another one-off ring that we recently made available, this piece is a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine elements, centering upon a salt & pepper diamond. We especially love the striking east-west orientation of the diamond.

Typically, diamonds are graded according to their bright-white color and absence of any “impurities,” but salt & pepper diamonds embrace the beauty to be found in those alleged impurities. The color is a
dynamic mix of white and grey, which gives the stone a sort of dreamy quality.

The band contains fourteen baguette diamonds, staggered to create a woven effect. It’s a distinct departure from a typical dainty
setting, and we love it for its boldness.

Geometric Pear Shaped Engagement Ring with Arched Band

#8. Geo Pear Shaped Diamond with Arched Diamond Band

This ring is another unique creation for Honey and it is all about juxtapositions. The pear-cut stone creates a vintage look, while the shape of the ring is entirely modern.

A geo pear-cut diamond blends the fiery brilliance of a round-cut with the edginess of a marquise: the best of both worlds. The tapered point is universally flattering, elongating the finger.

The inherently feminine shape of the pear is highlighted by the unusual
curve of the band, which is studded with accent diamonds for intensified shine.

We love this ring paired with our Vivian V-shaped Wedding Band

Turned Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Halo

#9. Rotated Princess Cut Diamond with Halo

This ring turns tradition on its head, literally. We took a classic princess-cut diamond and set it on the diagonal.

Princess-cut diamonds are the most popular of what are known as the “fancy shape” diamond cuts, and for good reason: the facet arrangement of a princess cut is specially engineered to reflect more light than a traditional square or rectangular diamond. In other words, it’s scientifically guaranteed sparkle.

Making it shine even brighter are the accent diamonds, which form a halo and make their way down the band for maximum impact.

We also feature this ring in our similar roundup of 30 Creative Engagement Rings with Beautiful Design.

Kite Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring with Round Diamond Bezel Accents

#10. Kite Shaped Diamond with Round Diamond Bezel Accents 

It’s written in the stars: this ring is as unique as you are, and a fitting way to celebrate your love for another.

A rare kite-shaped diamond is bound by bezel-set accent stones, emulating a constellation in the starry night sky. The rose gold metal adds an unexpected warmth to the skyscape.

A great ring should serve as your North Star, a beacon reminding you of your commitment to each other, and this one does just that.

If you prefer lightweight rings, we have plenty in our list of favorite dainty engagement ring styles.

#11. Three Stone Spinel & Diamond

If you’re thinking of veering off-course from the engagement ring status quo and opting for a colored stone rather than a diamond, consider a spinel.

This under-the-radar stone is all about color. It delivers saturated hues, and can even create somewhat of an opalescent effect, taking on a different shade depending on how the light catches it. The word spinel derives from the Greek word for spark… that is exactly what will fly when you see this breathtaking ring on your finger.

Cadi-cut diamonds flank the step-cut spinel on either side, amplifying the intensity and creating an unconventional yet elegant look.

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Band

#12. Yellow Sapphire with Pave Diamond Band

This yellow sapphire will undoubtedly provide sunshine on a cloudy day. Its summery shade seems to radiate optimism.

Although we’re partial to this stone, we would love this setting with nearly anything you could think to place in it. The oversized prongs recall talons of an eagle, a powerful juxtaposition against the delicate diamonds, and a reminder to find beauty in strength.

The setting is finished with plentiful accent diamonds, which grow larger as they progress down the band.  

Signet Engagement Ring with Brown Diamond

#13. Brown Diamond Signet with Honeycomb Window

Yet another one of our recent one-of-a-kind rings, we love the way this piece blends two important styles: the engagement ring and the signet ring.

There’s a lot of history here: signet rings date back to 3500 BC. Originally, they were emblazoned with a personal or family crest, and were used to sign important documents and verify one’s identity.

The style endures today, and this piece perfectly combines the signet shape with a hexagonal natural brown diamond in a rich chocolatey hue.

The honeycomb grill shining through the diamond, exaggerated prongs, and a matte satin finish add to the distinctiveness of this ring.  

Peach Tourmaline Engagement Ring with Halo

#14. Peach Tourmaline with Halo

Peach tourmaline is so deliciously beautiful, it looks like something to be found in a candy store, rather than in nature, but this stone is indeed naturally occuring.

In ancient times, tourmaline was considered a powerful talisman by artists and writers. Looking at it, we can see why they thought the stone was enchanted.

We love the way the warm, iridescent peach is complemented by the rose gold metal in this stunning ring. The halo of micropave diamonds continues onto the band, creating superlative sparkle.

October babies, take note: tourmaline is your birthstone! 

Bezel Set Engagement Ring with Radiant Cut Diamond

#15. Radiant Cut Diamond in Bezel Setting

One of our popular Classic Honey Collection engagement rings, Winnie stands out thanks to her bezel setting.

In this approach, your stone of choice sits in a thin metal rim, which is visible on the border when you look down on the stone. This example showcases a radiant cut diamond.

The bezel setting is one of the longest used setting techniques for a reason: a bezel eliminates snagging often caused by prongs, and secures the stone better than other settings, making it ideal if you work with your hands frequently.

Functionality aside, we love a bezel for its distinct retro charm. This style is classic and modern at the same time, and (bonus!) tends to make the stone look larger. 

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Floral Accents

#16. Three Stone with Floral Accents

A classic solitaire diamond engagement ring is a sure bet, but if you’re looking for something a slightly less expected, opt for a three stone ring.

Our Stacia Ring features an emerald-cut diamond, framed by two smaller cadi-cut diamonds. The design is enhanced by a delicate botanical motif on either side of the three stones.

The top portion of the ring is cast in white gold or platinum, and while the band can be made to match the top metal. We love it in contrasting rose gold, especially for someone who mixes metals elsewhere in their jewelry wardrobe.

Eternity Band as Engagement Ring

#17. Eternity Bands as Engagement Rings

If you’re one for eschewing tradition, a typical engagement ring might not be up your alley. Instead, consider an eternity band dense with diamonds: even without a single stone as a focal point, a diamond band can create plenty of shimmer, while still maintaining a lower profile, both literally and figuratively.

We love the rising trend of eternity bands as engagement rings (matter of fact, we recently wrote an article on this exact topic) and how it creates endless opportunities to build on your stack.

If you opted for a radiant-cut eternity band for your engagement ring, like the bottom one pictured here, you might consider pairing with the emerald-cut version on top for your wedding band. Grow your stack as your journey continues, celebrating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries with additional bands.

Champagne Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring

#18. Champagne Diamond in Bezel Setting

While the name itself sounds appealing enough, champagne diamonds are just as exciting to look at as an elegant flute of the bubbly stuff.

White diamonds are undoubtedly classic, but colored diamonds offer a more unconventional beauty. If you’re a traditionalist, you can still color outside the lines (literally) with slightly saturated stone like a champagne diamond.

We love the bezel setting on this ring, which highlights the beauty of the stone and even makes it appear larger.

If nontraditional looks are up your alley, we definitely recommend skimming through our gallery of 30 of Our Favorite Alternative Engagement Ring Styles.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Double Halo

#19. Oval Diamond with Double Halo

We’re all familiar with halos, but a double halo of French-set diamonds make this ring particularly unusual.

The French setting technique was adopted during the Art Deco era to create the illusion of a single, blinding row of sparkle— sign us up! In this method, the diamonds are set with tiny prongs and are slightly raised, allowing more light to catch each stone.

It doesn’t hurt that the setting centers upon a perfect oval diamond, but the surrounding halo is such a ray of light that this ring creates the appearance of a single, glistening diamond.

Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

#20. Parti Sapphires with Diamond Accents

This engagement ring is all about color, focusing on an asymmetrical arrangement of parti sapphires.

The parti variety of sapphire refers to rare gems that contain different colors within a given stone— often separate zones that are blue, green, and yellow. Just like you, multitaskers, these stones are many things at once. The multicolor effect has a magical quality, and makes each sapphire entirely one-of-a-kind.

We adore the setting’s asymmetrical accent stones, which heighten the element of surprise and make this ring totally unconventional.

Oval Cut Floral Halo Engagement Ring

#21. Oval Cut with Halo & Floral Accents

The details and craftsmanship of this ring set it apart. It begins with a perfect oval-cut diamond, which is not a bad place to start. But what really tells the story here is the ornate, Edwardian-inspired setting.

A blinding halo surrounds the stone, and accent diamonds — meticulously shaped and arranged in a romantic botanical motif — gracefully frame the ring’s head. The textured millegrain finish bordering the stones gives the ring a vintage quality.

This piece is decidedly different, and perfect for someone who appreciates an antique aesthetic.

Round Cut Engagement Ring with Assymetric Diamond Clusters

#22. Heart Shaped Diamond with Halo

Unconventional? Yes. Over-the-top? Maybe, but in the best way possible.

Few things say “I love you” quite as clearly as a four carat heart-shaped diamond surrounded by carefully executed halo.

Believe it or not, diamonds shaped like hearts are nothing novel: they date back to the 1400s, when they were considered a symbol of royalty. Mary Queen of Scots famously sent a heart-shaped diamond ring to Queen Elizabeth as a token of friendship in 1562, and the Queen of Jewelry herself, Elizabeth Taylor, was gifted a heart-shaped diamond necklace by Richard Burton for her fortieth birthday.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Bezel Set Accents

#23. Round Cut Diamond with Bezel Set Accents

This engagement ring is at once simple, yet inventive. The focal point here is a shimmering round-cut diamond. Bezel-set accent diamonds of graduated sizes create a rotated square-shaped halo. The minimal band allows the head of the ring to remain the focus.

We all know the old saying about putting a square peg in a round hole, but we say putting a round peg in a square hole is just genius.

Salt & Pepper Diamond Signet Engagement Ring

#24. Salt & Pepper Diamond Signet

A salt and pepper diamond is a delightful example of finding beauty in perceived “imperfections.” Centering on a substantial 3.41 carat salt & pepper diamond, this ring references the Retro era of jewelry, which hit its peak in the 1940s.

In Retro jewelry, geometric shapes continued to play a big role as they did in the Art Deco era that preceded it, but instead of linear designs, shapes became three-dimensional, with an emphasis on exaggerated and futuristic forms. This ring is a modern take on those principles, with a gorgeous diamond to boot.

The oversized prongs and matte-satin finish echo that same “more-is-more” aesthetic, and honestly, we couldn’t love it more.

Arched Pear with Multi Diamond Accents

#25. Arched Pear with Multi Diamond Accents

An arched engagement ring is a brilliant way to stand out from other traditional options.

The shape alone helps to bring more character to the ring, but the use of multiple diamond styles also aids individuality.

The center showcases a white pear diamond which is surrounded by baguettes, marquises, and pave stones set in yellow gold.

In reality, this ring is called Petra and is part of our Women’s Wedding Band suite, but makes a great unconventional engagement style, as well.

Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Art Deco Band

#26. Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond with Art Deco Band

North star solitaires provide an interesting style, especially when they feature a salt and pepper diamond front and center.

This alternative prong style and the art deco band encased in rose gold present a very unique effect.

The beautiful band is decorated with both pave and baguette white diamonds which increase the sparkle for this customized engagement ring.

Hexagon Salt & Pepper with Pave Accents.jpg__PID:07bf6dfd-bf08-4d73-beec-d5438ffec494

#27. Hexagon Salt & Pepper with Pave Accents

If a hexagon diamond has peaked your interest but you want a little more pizazz, this stunning salt & pepper diamond will do the trick.

It’s set in yellow gold, is held by six talon-like prongs and is flanked by glittering white pave diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds should definitely be on your radar if you are looking to create an engagement ring that screams unconventional and one-of-a-kind.

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