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24 Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings for Every Style

by Nick Ahlberg
30 Creative Engagement Rings with Beautiful Details

Need some inspiration for finding the perfect rose gold solitaire engagement ring? We've got you covered with a photo round-up of beautiful rings to fit every taste and budget.

Some of the rings shown here are part of our well-known Honey line, while others are part of our Ready-to-Wear line. However, our specialty is creating custom, one-off designs for all budgets and styles, so absolutely send us an inquiry or schedule a virtual consultation if something catches your eye and you don't see it currently on our site.

Whether your preferred aesthetic is classic or modern, trendy or timeless, there's definitely something here for everyone.

Classic Oval Rose Gold Solitaire

#1 Classic Oval Rose Gold Solitaire

Oval solitaire rings have taken center stage as of late due to their timeless look and stunning appeal. A white oval diamond is a classic choice for a rose gold solitaire ring.

We call this design Lolo, featured in our Classic Honey Engagement Ring collection. The design can be tailored to your liking with any stone or color gold.

Classic Pear Rose Gold Solitaire

#2 Classic Pear Rose Gold Solitaire

A pear shaped diamond makes a beautiful alternative to the usual round solitaire ring.

Rose gold ups the ante with a whimsical look, especially when the prongs are also adorned in rose gold instead of the typical platinum. An engagement ring of this nature will be fitting of any style for years to come.

You’ll find this design, called Harlow, as part of our Classic Honey Engagement Ring suite.

Salt & Pepper Round with Pave Band

#3 Salt & Pepper Round with Pave Band

The Samantha is a tried and true style from our Classic Honey Engagement Ring collection that turns heads every time.

This unique piece is built with a beautiful rose gold French setting inlaid with white pave diamonds on a split band.

The dark salt and pepper diamond is held beautifully with claw prongs that are well-suited for the edgy bride.

Round Bezel with Octagon Halo

#4 Classic Round Solitaire

It's obligatory to say it: Nothing can stand the test of time quite like a classic round solitaire engagement ring. This is an example of our Lolo ring style with a round cut diamond. Not only does this look fit every wearer, it’s the perfect heirloom piece that never goes out of style. Rose gold is a lovely alternative to the traditional white or yellow gold and the simple design is easily paired with any kind of wedding band.

Kite with Pave Band

#5 Radiant Bezel Cathedral

Our Winnie style happens to be one of our most popular bands, if you can’t already tell. The stunning simplicity of this setting allows many different cut diamonds to shine, but it’s especially gorgeous when featuring a radiant cut white diamond. Bezel settings are great for the active wearer or those who want to stray from the usual prong style settings.

Gray Rose Cut Cushion with Gray Pave

#6 Gray Rose with Claw Prong

Smoky gray diamonds are a beautiful alternative to the usual white diamonds and suit a bride who prefers a modern twist on the classics. This rose cut helps the diamond appear larger and the claw prongs add an edgy look to this great piece. A simple band completes the look for something truly unique.

Spinel and Cadi Diamond

#7 White Oval with Twisted Band

Our Juliette setting is a delicate style that adds a bit of whimsy to a classic solitaire. The white oval diamond radiates light from every angle and is secured to a beautiful rope style band. Anyone looking to create a custom look while maintaining a traditional design should consider this style.

Hexagon Salt and Pepper Honeycomb

#8 Canary Pear with Knife-edge Band

Canary yellow diamonds are a bold statement piece on their own, but setting it in a rose gold knife-edge band and giving it a pear shape cut really elevates this style. The yellow diamonds are also a very unique choice to pair with rose gold, creating a minimalistic and non-traditional look. You can customize the Lolo style with any shape diamond.

Bezel Set Round with Accent Diamonds

#9 White Oval with Double Pave Band

The double band setting is often overlooked, but it’s extremely useful. Many couples don’t realize that this style allows for a wedding band to slide into the empty space, creating a perfectly symmetrical wedding set. The white oval diamond really shines in this setting, but any shape stone would work beautifully in a piece like this. This is the type of ring you can often find in our "Ready to Wear" Collection.

Asscher with Sapphire Baguettes

#10 Gray Round with Baguettes

This artistic ring suits a variety of tastes that prefer to venture from the traditional look. The brushed rose gold is a unique style all it’s own, while the alternating baguettes in the band provide the sparkle. A gray round really stands out in this particular setting and makes a great conversation piece.

If you love Salt-and-Pepper Diamonds, we actually have a carefully curated selection of stones for you to choose from.

Horizontal Oval Cathedral

#11 Classic Cushion Solitaire

Our Abby style is the perfect setting for accommodating a variety of different stone shapes. The white cushion cut diamond really stands out against the rose gold and is slightly lifted above the setting to give it a little extra room to shine.

Gray Pear with Marquis Accents

#12 East/West Oval with Pave Band

Our Olive setting features a tapered pave band with double prongs to secure your choice of stone. The white oval is a classic choice, but placing it in an east/west fashion puts a nice spin on this traditional look. The setting is also designed to raise the diamond with a short cathedral which showcases your center stone.

This ring is also a favorite in our round-up of our 30 Most Creative Ring Styles.

Brilliant Radiant Cut with Cluster Diamonds

#13 Round with Eye Pave Band

An eye pave band is a great choice for those looking for an alternative to the standard pave band. The rose gold highlights the pave diamonds while giving the band a lovely design and the classic white round creates a more traditional ring. Many different stone shapes and colors would also pop on a band this decorative.

Champagne Pear with Double Bands

#14 Oval with Cathedral Pave Band

Our brilliant Samantha setting is a signature Honey engagement style that serves those looking for a radiantly sparkly ring. The white oval diamond really pops in this rose gold setting and the expertly selected pave stones give it life. A ring with this much shine is a stunner all its own, but could be easily paired with a matching pave band or simple wedding band.

Gray Cushion with Zero Gap Halo

#15 Asscher with Pave Band

This beautiful asscher cut white diamond is a unique cut that you won’t often see in engagement rings. It’s a great option for brides looking beyond the traditional rounds and princess cuts and reflects light in an interesting way. Our Sarah setting in rose gold gives that extra touch of sparkle.

Heart Diamond Halo with Pave Band

#16 Spinel Cushion with Bead Bezel Band

A spinel gem as the center stone provides an interesting take on a classic solitaire, paired with a gorgeous milgrainbead bezel band. This detailed design of a bead bezel is especially whimsical when compared with similar styles, like a pave band or accent baguettes.

Round Salt & Pepper Diamond with Baguette Band

#17 Round with Tapered Baguettes

A classic round solitaire engagement ring can be upgraded with the addition of small stones in the band. Most brides opt for pave diamonds or small round gems, but little tapered baguettes add a unique definition and shine to a white center stone like this. Our Mackenize setting can accommodate most diamond cuts in addition to the round seen here.

Round Solitaire Cathedral Engagement Ring

#18 Gray Rose with Gray Pave Band

Gray diamonds are a perfect candidate for a rose cut as this shape provides extra shine to the top of the stone. If your partner is in love with the increasingly popular salt & pepper or gray diamonds, this cut can help the stone sparkle at every angle. Claw prongs and extra gray pave diamonds in the band create an even more unique look.

Champagne Pear in Etched Gold

#19 Oval in Cathedral Setting

The beautiful simplicity of a white oval solitaire is almost unmatched. When you have a breathtakingly clear stone such as this, one of the best things you can do is to let it shine on it’s own. A little extra detail with the claw prongs and the cathedral setting help to give this solitaire a more custom look.

Rose Cut Hexagon with Bezel Halo

#20 Gray Rose with Double Band

No wedding band is required with a style like this. The double band is a unique feature that is not often seen in most engagement rings and removes the need for a traditional wedding set. A round rose cut gray diamond in a six-prong brushed rose gold setting is a great statement piece for anyone who wants a look all their own.

Geo Cut Champagne Oval with Double Halo

#21 Fancy Gray Oval with Pave Band

Our Blake setting is truly stunning for a solitaire engagement ring. It features all of the greatest accents a ring could have - a graduated cathedral style with pave diamonds in the band and a side halo for added shine under the center stone. A fancy gray rose cut oval is a great way to take this setting to the next level.

Geometric Bezel with Tapered Baguettes

#22 Gray Oval Bezel

This ring was expertly designed with the minimalist in mind. A classic oval solitaire might’ve done the trick, but when you place a lovely gray oval in a bezel setting, the look becomes instantly modern, approachable and different.

PS- If "simple" is your preferred aesthetic, we also have a big list of our favorite minimalist rings.

Salt & Pepper Kite Bezel

#23 East/West Marquis

Marquis diamonds are not often thought of when creating a custom engagement ring. For those seeking a rare style and cut, they provide a look most unique. The east/west setting of this champagne diamond is a more understated look compared to the typical north/south setting, but no less radiant.

Marquis Diamond with Pave Band

#24 Salt & Pepper Oval Bezel

This is another great example of our popular Winnie engagement ring setting, featuring an oval cut salt & pepper diamond. The brushed rose gold paired with this gorgeously flecked salt & pepper diamond are a great twist on a classic solitaire, while the short cathedral and bezel setting help the stone stand out.

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