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Looking for a Lab-Grown diamond or colored stone?

If you are interested in learning more about a diamond listed in our inventory above and want to see pictures or video please send us a message and we'll provide these based on availability.

If you are considering the purchase a Lab-Grown diamond, please let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to get back to you with product and pricing information. 

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At Honey Jewelry Co we are so excited to offer the quality we do with everything that we touch. One of the most important aspects of any project we undertake is the center stone selection. From fine quality diamonds to absolutely stunning colored stones, we take pride in knowing that our clients are being introduced to only the best stones that are worth their time and money.

The majority of diamonds we sell are almost exclusively accompanied by a report from GIA. There can be many quality combinations that support a beautiful diamond, but we usually consider diamonds only with I color or better and stones that have a clarity call of S12 with a clarity call of S12 or better when searching for a traditional "white" Diamond. We only work with selections that we considered pleasing to the eye with cut, clarity, and color. If something negative stands out, we will not consider it a real option for you. 

 The exception to some of these rules is when considering the use of "Rustic" or "Salt & Pepper" Diamonds. These alternative stones to white Diamonds are beautiful and are unique and can not be duplicated. Rustic or Salt & Pepper Diamonds generally are not graded by GIA as they would fall off the quality scale used to grade a white Diamond.  The GIA system in place simply isn't designed for an alternative stone to be compared to a traditional high color, high clarity white Diamond.

Wait, so what's the difference?

Lab-Grown vs. Earth-Mined diamonds