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21 Unique Men's Wedding Bands with Timeless Style

by Nick Ahlberg

Looking for a unique men's wedding band that suits your own personal sense of style? We've got you covered with this list of some of our favorite designs.

Whether you're looking for traditional or modern, gold or carbon fiber, we're sure you'll find something to love. Each piece you see here was thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted by our team at Honey Jewelry Co to be a part of our signature men's wedding band collection.

Honeycomb Wedding Band

#1. Honeycomb Wedding Band

This thick band features our signature honeycomb motif, in a matte 14-karat yellow gold.

Once you look closely, you’ll see this ring is best admired from an intimate vantage point, thanks to its extensive details. The honeycomb design is three-dimensional, featuring dozens of tiny
hexagonal pockets, blackened on the inside to accentuate the depth.

At eight-millimeters, this band makes an impact suitable for a man of style. Thin edging completes the band’s border. 

Half Round Forged Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metal Wedding Band

#2. Distressed Wedding Band (5mm)

Equal parts rugged and refined, this band is perfect for anyone who is looking for something a bit more hard-wearing.

If you love the look of high-end gold but worry that you'll scratch or scuff it too often, this may be the ideal ring.

You also don't have to worry about jagged/rough edges irritating you, as our distressed bands feature the same comfort fit as all of our other bands.

We offer a slightly thicker 6.5mm Distressed Band too.

#3. Mesh Honeycomb Wedding Band

Love our original signature Honeycomb Wedding Band, but want something even design-focused? We created our Mesh Honeycomb Band to push this famous style even further.

Though images or videos can't do it full justice, it's not hard to see how good the double-honeycomb patterns work together to create something special.

There's quite a bit of craftsmanship that goes into these rings and we're sure that you'll love the attention to detail in each one.

Hammered Gold Wedding Band (3mm)

#4. Hammered Gold Wedding Band (3mm)

This ring combines a sleek, modern white gold tone with a totally one-of-a-kind hammered texture. At just three-millimeters, it is slender, but packs a major punch, thanks to its unique surface.

Gold is a highly malleable element, and has been hammered for centuries to create custom designs. This piece has a matte, unpolished finish for a slightly distressed look. Its smooth interior makes it as comfortable to wear as any other band.

Hammered Gold Wedding Band (5mm)

#5. Hammered Gold Wedding Band (5mm)

Love the hammered gold look, but want a wedding band that's a little thicker than 3mm? This 5mm option may be the perfect fit.

If you find the spectrum of metal colors limiting, consider introducing texture to your wedding band for a totally unique look. Pure gold is known for its high malleability, and it’s been hammered to create jewelry since the ancient Egyptian dynasties.

The tried-and-true technique of hammering gold has continued for centuries to bring the metal to life, adding texture and depth. We love the idea of a wedding band with this handmade appeal, reminiscent of how we imagine the earliest rings were created. 

Hammered Gold Wedding Band (6.5mm)

#6. Hammered Gold Wedding Band (6.5mm)

At 6.5-millimeters, this rose gold ring is an even wider option to showcase the lightly pebbled texture created by the hammering process.

Since the advent of basic technology, hammering gold by hand is no longer essential, but the technique is still common today, to give this unique rippled texture and a handcrafted appearance. This band’s six-and-a-half-millimeter width is an ideal size to showcase the nuances of the finish. A smooth finish on the inside ensures it still retains optimal comfort. 

Striped Wedding Band (3mm)

#7. Striped Wedding Band (3mm)

This svelte band measures in at three-millimeters, the same thickness as a penny and nickel stacked together. A stepped edge sits on each side, darkened for emphasis.

These stripes add a visually striking element to the band, and their continuity fittingly represents endless love. This recalls the genesis of men’s wedding bands: though it's believed that engagement and wedding
rings for women have their roots in ancient Rome, the idea didn’t catch on for men until the Second World War, when young soldiers were separated from their sweethearts, and wore a ring to remind them of the love back home.

Today, yours will hold the same sentiment, and this band is the perfect display of your love. 

Striped Wedding Band (5mm)

#8. Striped Wedding Band (5mm)

The next width up, this 5mm striped ring has a vintage appeal that makes it an ideal upgrade to a typical wedding band.

Crafted from white gold, two finely engraved lines run parallel to either edge, giving a stacked effect. We like to think of these continuous circles as emblems of infinite love.

Our striped styles are complete with a satin finish, making it wearable with anything and completely timeless.

Striped Wedding Band (6.5mm)

#9. Striped Wedding Band (6.5mm)

At 6.5-millimeters, this band adds a lot of width while maintaining the understated striped style. On either edge, a pair of engraved lines circle the perimeter, darkened for emphasis.

The rich, buttery yellow gold of this band has a satin finish, giving it the perfect patina that, like most fine things, will only get better with age.

Circles are symbolic of eternity— fitting for an instrument designed to demonstrate your love for another.

Trigon Wedding Band (5mm)

#10. Trigon Wedding Band (5mm)

We’re extremely excited about our Trigon ring collection. This five-millimeter version of the Trigon Band features warm, slightly distressed yellow gold, and a raised rim on the edges.

The design on this ring is both linear and three-dimensional. The triangle pattern is completely unique; the shapes remind us of hieroglyphics, which is apt, considering the practice of wearing a ring on the left hand’s third finger has its origins in ancient Egypt.

The custom stems from their notion that a vein— the vein of love —connects that finger directly to the heart. We love the idea of this mythological path between the heart, and a token of your love.

Trigon Wedding Band (6.5mm)

#11. Trigon Wedding Band (6.5mm)

At 6.5-millimeters, this band is the medium size in our Trigon series

“Ain’t no mountain high enough” to stand in the way of your love? This ring is a depiction of that feeling, with a triangular pattern resembling mountains circling its entirety.

Mountains are powerful representations of constancy and eternity— appropriate to celebrate your eternal love. This motif is unexpected, and we especially love its east-west orientation, so that when the band naturally rotates on your finger, you still appreciate the design from all angles.

Trigon Wedding Band (8.5mm)

#12. Trigon Wedding Band (8.5mm)

This 8.5-millimeter version of our Trigon Band provides more than enough surface to appreciate the unique triangle pattern to its fullest. The icy white gold gets a distressed treatment for a finished look that’s edgy yet timeless.

Throughout history, in different cultures and religions, few symbols have remained as constant as the triangle. To the Greeks, the triangle (known to them as delta, the fourth letter of their alphabet) was thought to represent a doorway.

We love this visualization of a new beginning for a wedding band, as that’s exactly what a marriage initiates.

Cushion Signet Ring

#13. Cushion Signet Ring

This is our signature cushion-shaped signet ring. A signet ring as an engagement ring? Hear us out: Signet rings have been worn for thousands of years, and there’s a functionality behind the style.

Originally, they were emblazoned with a personal crest or identifying mark, and were worn to leave an impression in melted wax, acting as a seal or signature. Carved seals date back as far as 3500 BC, but it was the ancient Egyptians who first developed the signet ring for this use.

This ring’s surface features a cushion
shape: a softly rounded rectangle, favored for signet rings during the Victorian era.

Each ring is engraved by hand, per your specifications.

P.S. - You can get all kinds of information and inspiration in our Big Guide to Signet Rings.

Oval Signet Ring

#14. Oval Signet Ring

This ring features an oblong shape known as Oxford Oval, and is cast and engraved by hand in our San Diego office.

The antique aesthetic of a signet ring is truly unrivaled, which is why they’re an enduring choice for a wedding band. Signet rings have been worn by men for ages longer than men have worn wedding bands.

There’s a lot of history here: The first known use of a signet ring occurred in ancient Egyptian civilization, and the usage continued through history, the commonality being a customized emblem on the ring’s surface. This mark was used as a stamp to sign important documents and verify one’s identity.

You can continue this storied legacy by wearing a signet ring as a wedding band, engraved with the initial of your choice.

Half Round Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (5mm)

#15. Half Round Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (5mm)

Yellow gold says you’re traditionally dapper, and it doesn’t get more classic than this gold, half-round band.

It is definitely a simple and traditional band, but adds unique detailing to the inner section with our signature honeycomb pattern.

A perfect choice for anyone who likes to keep is classic, but still wants something that is very much their own.

Half Round Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (6.5mm)

#16. Half Round Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (6.5mm)

White gold is always a sharp option for a wedding band, and tends to indicate the wearer is more modern than old-fashioned.

This version of our classic half-round band measures 6.5-millimeters wide, making it a more substantial choice. Its size also makes this band an ideal blank canvas to be engraved with something meaningful, like an anniversary or initials.

The half-round shape makes it comfortable to wear, and our signature honeycomb pattern adds an element of surprise to the ring’s interior.

Beveled Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (5mm)

#17. Beveled Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (5mm)

Another classic take on traditional wedding band design, this ring features a beveled edge with a matte gold finish. It is pictured here in rose gold, another potential style choice you can make to make your ring stand out.

We’re not sure who first said “Real men wear pink,” but we’re inclined to agree. While its icy cousins, white gold and platinum, can easily be mistaken for steel, rose gold is distinct and easily recognizable.

After each ring is cast, it is milled by hand to ensure perfection. Our rings are made to order rather than being mass-produced, and the attention to detail is evident in the final product. 

Beveled Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (6mm)

#18. Beveled Wedding Band with Inner Honeycomb (6mm)

A strong beveled edge is a welcome twist on tradition. That edge, combined with the six-millimeter thickness, gives this band gives you something a bit more bold

It's pictured here in yellow gold. If white gold says "modern", then yellow gold says you’re classic, traditional, and a gentleman of style. But not all yellow gold is created equally: There is a wide spectrum of tones available, but this shade of buttery yellow gets it right.

Beveled Forged Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

#19. Beveled Forged Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Returning to our Forged Carbon collection, this band is 6.5-millimeters thick and features a sleek beveled shape that emphasizes the marbled color, subtle texture, and cool matte finish of the material.

The Forged Carbon Beveled Band was made to stand the test of time— just like your marriage. Forged Carbon is a relatively new technology developed in part by Lamborghini, which involves carbon nanotubes and resin being compressed under extreme heat and pressure.

The resulting material is exceptionally durable, yet lightweight enough that you practically don’t feel it on your hand— ideal for the guy not used to being weighed down by jewelry.

Beveled Forged Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metal Wedding Band

#20. Beveled Forged Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metal Wedding Band

Forged carbon fiber is an extremely light material. That means you can have a sizable band, like this eight-millimeter width, without it being cumbersome.

As an added detail, it’s finished on the inside with a brushed metal look, which can be seen shining through at the ring’s profile. Each ring is made in Brooklyn, New York to our exacting standards.

Faceted Forged Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metal Wedding Band

#21. Faceted Forged Carbon Fiber & Brushed Metal Wedding Band

Last but not least, this ring wraps our Forged Carbon, brushed metal, and faceted design into one package.

The faceted surface of this ring highlights the subtle marbling of Forged Carbon— one of the design features that makes it so attractive.
The marbling adds dimension, and the graphite color is less harsh than black, making it a wardrobe chameleon.

The silver metal on the interior shines through at the ring’s profile.

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